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LED Panel Light

Brand Idea


Brand Origin

Lumin is a root of a word in English, it means light. The pronunciation of Lumin is similar to Chinese Characters “绿明”( we pronounce “lǜ míng” in Chinese.). “lǜ míng”(绿明) in Chinese means “green lighting” or”green tomorrow”. So Lumin Lighting brand origin combines eastern culture elements and western culture elements.

Brand Orientation

A famous quality LED lighting brand worldwide.
Lumin Lighting’s goal is to become a innovator and navigator of LED lighting technology, and produce high-quality LED lights.

Brand Slogan

Beyond and Above

Brand Vision

To make the best green LED lighting products for customers.
To devote itself to environment protection for the earth.
To be a “light messenger” for the human beings. China Manufacturers & China Products Directory. China Manufacturers & China Products Directory.