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China Market Value of LED Encapsulation Will Reach into 76.8 Billion Yuan in 2021 Year

Jul 7, 2018

According to the newest report of Trendforce Consultant LED Research-<2018 Year Market Report of LED Chip and LED encapsulation in China>, considering that China LED encapsulation market scale is ¥65.9 billion in 2017 year,  it will increase into 76.8 billion in 2021 year.  Its growth motivation will be from LED lighting, LED screen, car lighting and architecture scenery lighting.

In 2021 year, China LED encapsulation market value distribution will be like the following:

For LED lighting market,  its estimated value will be ¥36.3 billion with 7% compound growth rate in 2021year.  As in 2017year, China LED lighting market value reach up to ¥31 billion. Thanks to the economic resurgence of Europe and America, it led the result that the total export of China LED lighting grow highly.  In the future, China LED lighting market growth will be influenced by two factors-the stable market growth and production capacity shifting. As pretty high LED lighting penetration and pretty long change cycle, China future market scale will keep the stable growth.

For 2021-year China car LED lighting market, its estimated scale will increase into ¥9.7 billion. As the prospect of car lighting will be pretty good with the growth of China car market and LED penetration.

For 2021-year China LED screen market, its estimated value will reach up to ¥9.8 billion.  With the improvement of LED screen fineness requirement, the market scale of LED screen will keep the stable growth.

For 2021-year architecture scenery lighting and ultraviolet-ray LED lighting, its estimated value will be ¥21 billion.  As China urbanization construction speeds up so fast,  the second-tier and third-tier cities will more and more rely on the two kinds of lighting to be applied into the urban scenery lighting projects.