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LED Panel Light

How Many Kinds of Common Outdoor Lighting

Aug 8, 2018

As LED lamps have the advantages of energy-saving and environmental-friendly, more and more lighting designer apply them into outdoor lighting. Different environment needs different function lighting, let`s list them one by one.

1. LED street lamp
LED street lamps have the unique advantages of high efficiency, safety, energy saving, environmental protection, long life, fast response, high color rendering index, and can be widely used in roads.

2. Solar street lamps
Solar street lamps are powered by crystalline silicon solar cells, without laying cables, without AC power supply and without electricity charges. It can be widely used in urban main roads, sub arterial roads, residential areas, factories, tourist attractions, parking lots and other places.

3. courtyard lamp
It usually refers to outdoor road lighting fixtures under 6 meters, which is mainly used in the outdoor lighting of urban slow lane, narrow lane, residential area, tourist attractions, parks, square and other public places.

4. Buried lamp
The light body is the material such as pressing or stainless steel. It is durable, waterproof, and excellent in heat dissipation. It is used in walking streets, building steps and other places, mainly buried in the ground, used for decoration or illuminating. The other is used to wash the walls or to take a tree.

5. Wall lamp
Also called the linear LED light, as the name suggests, let the light like water wash the wall, mainly used to do architectural decoration lighting, and to outline the outline of large buildings.

6. Tunnel lights
Tunnel lamp is to solve the "black hole effect" or "white hole effect" caused by the sudden change of luminance when vehicles enter or exit the tunnel. It can work steadily in high frequency and humid and high temperature for a long time without disturbing the transmission network.

7. Landscape lamp
Also known as decorative lighting, both ornamental and lighting properties. Landscape lamps use different shapes, different colors and brightness to create landscapes. It is suitable for square, residential area, public green space and other scenic spots.

8.Lawn lamp
The lawn lamp has the characteristics of convenient installation and strong decoration, and can be used for decorative lighting of green belts in parks, garden villas, squares and other places.

9. The underwater lamp
The underwater lamp simply refers to the lamp installed under the water. When it is electrified, it can emit many colors and make it colorful. It is mainly used in fountain and underwater operation.

10.Fountain lamp
According to different fountain methods and installation methods, they can be divided into: dry fountain, pool fountain, indoor or Plaza (outdoor) and so on.

11. Guardrail
LED guardrail tube can be divided into seven different colors, and produce gradient, flicker, scan, chase, pipelining and other effects. It is applied to all kinds of building curtain walls, building wheel frames, amusement landscape lighting, KTV, various bridge lighting and other places.

12.Stage lamp
The composition of the LED stage lamp and the LED lighting are similar to the lamps and lanterns. The main accessories are the shell, the LED lamp, the two optical lenses, the LED drive power, the DIP dial code switch, the heat dissipation device, the shell, the mounting bracket and so on.

13. Mobile lamp
Mobile lamps are often used for indoor and outdoor workplaces, as well as outdoor TV, film photography and other places.

14. Traffic lights
Traffic lights are divided into: motor vehicle signal lamp, non motor vehicle signal lamp, pedestrian crossing signal lamp, direction indicator light (arrow signal lamp), lane signal lamp, flash warning signal, road and railway intersection signal light.

15. Car lights
Car light types can be divided into two types of lighting and auxiliary, which play the role of lighting, the type of car lights only front headlights and part of the car equipment fog lamps, the rest are auxiliary lights.

16.Light belt / strip
The light belt refers to the use of a special processing technology to weld the LED lamp on the copper wire or the strip flexible circuit board, and then connect the power supply to the light, which is named as a strip of light when the shape of the light is light.