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LED Panel Light

How to Choose A Suitable LED Lighting

Jul 11, 2018

For the application of LED lighting, the installation and the intensity of illumination are the key are the end-user to consider.  To meet the requirements, there are five principles need to be noted:

Firstly, we should clearly note that one of functions of lighting is the decoration.  For lighting designer,  too complicated lighting design is not inadvisable.  In contrast, more simple lighting design could reflect the beauty of the room.  What we call this is simplicity principle.

Secondly, a more complicated installation way must consume more time and more labor installation fee. Therefore, for a smart end-user, he or she will tend to select a lamp according to the position and way of installation.  We call it as convenience principle.

Thirdly, to save your electricity bill, energy-saving topic is that we never miss.  A lamp with high lighting effect will greatly decrease the electricity energy consumption, which will save you more electricity bill.  Therefore, energy-saving principle is necessary for an end-user to consider.

Fourthly, for the installation environment, we should consider the ’safety first’ principle. When we buy a lamp, quality standard and warranty standard need to be considered, as low-quality lamp has the great potentiality to cause a fire when it is used.

Fifthly, different environment have different requirements for the lighting function. For example, a hall should choose bright lighting; a living room should choose gentle lighting; a children`s room should choose colorful and diversified lighting; a toilet should choose simplified and water-proof lighting. What we call this is functional principle.