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LED Panel Light

Musser Corridor LED Flat Lighting Project

Feb 19, 2016

SRF Proposal
LED Flat Lighting

I. Project Description:  The purpose of this project is to reduce residential electricity consumption by implementing a timer schedule for corridor LED Flat Lighting in Musser. LED Flat Lighting will be dimmed during the night and on during the day. Dimming will consist of shutting off 14 of the 23 fixtures on each floor. A tentative schedule for dim LED Flat Lights is from 11 PM to 7 AM on Sunday – Thursday evenings, and 2 AM to 8 AM on Friday and Saturday evenings. We hope that the dimming will serve as a silent reminder of quiet hours while also supporting energy conservation, and plan on communicating with the residents and RAs of Musser to adjust the timing as necessary. We will work with electricians to make these adjustments. If the project succeeds as predicted (see ‘Paybacks’), we hope to expand the effort across campus.

II. Project Objective
a. Reduce electricity consumption in Musser.
b. Use this project as a pilot project for LED Flat Lighting audits across campus.
c. Communicate with Musser residents about changes in LED Flat Lighting and share results and updates with the rest of campus.

III. Project Stakeholders:
a. Administration and Decision Makers: 
i. Julie Thornton
b. Project Advisors:
i. Martha Larson, Manager of Campus Energy and Sustainability
ii. Brian Boudreau, Maintenance electrician
iii. Brian Lee, Maintenance supervisor 
c. Implementation Team:
i. Sarah Lukins and Lydia Auner, Sustainability Assistants
d. Passive participants
i. StevenSpehn, Director of Facilities and capital planning
ii. Kyle Markwalter, former Musser RA
iii. Musser Hall director: Rose Rezaei - Musser 101, x4457
iv. Musser RAs
1. 2nd: Grace Whitmore, Alex Crews 
3rd: Katherine Strong, Danny Hanson
4th: Jacob Powell, Stacey Johnson
v. Musser residents

IV. Scope and Schedule:
a. Audit of Musser LED Flat Lighting 3rd week
b. Discuss plan with Musser RAs
i. Met with Stacey Johnson and Jake Powell 10/07/12
c. Calculate energy savings and cost of implementation 5th week
d. Determine if LED Flat Lighting plan should be implemented 
i. YES! As of meeting 10/10/12
e. Meet with Maintenance electrition to discuss installation
i. Spoke with Brian Boudreau 10/10/12
f. Submit work order for timers 5th week
g. Communicate with Musser residents about plan.
i. Develop signage for lounges in Musser 6th week
h. Submit SRF proposal 6th week
i. Install timers (8th week Thursday) 11/01/12
j. Make adjustments to timer schedule as necessary
k. Review project implementation
l. Publicize results

V. Key assumptions/Constraints
a. Maintenance will be willing to reprogram timers for LED Flat Light Savings or any other time when the timer schedule requires modification.
b. Low LED Flat Lights at night will not hinder student activity.
c. See ‘Paybacks’ for assumptions made in payback calculations.

VI. Paybacks
a. We estimated payback as follows:

Cost Savings per Year $347.69 
Floors in Musser 3
Fixtures off per Floor 14
Wattage per Bulb 28
Bulbs per Fixture 2
Ballast Fraction 0.77
Total Wattage per Fixture 43.12
Hours off per Week 52
Weeks off per Year 52
Cost of Electricity per kWh $0.071

Total Cost of Implementation $822.00 
Materials Cost per Floor $100.00 
Hours of Labor per Floor 3
Cost of Labor per Hour $58.00 
LED Flat Lighting system
Payback Time Period (years) 2.4

VII. Risks and Contingencies
a. No major risks have been identified.

VIII. Post Project Review
a. At the end of the year, we will review any changes in electricity price or other unanticipated costs/savings to reassess paybacks. In addition, historical energy consumption data from Musser will be used as a rough indicator of the success of the program. 

IX. Signatures