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LED Panel Light

New website of Lumin Lighting online today.

Aug 21, 2013

The new website is developed by a professional wesite service supplier in Guangzhou, China. The style of the site is not only very simple,but also pratical in use. Cusomters can create an account at the website, and choose the item they like, and then pay it through Paypal. This will be helpful for customers if necessary.

Us new products LED Panel Light,LED Tube Light,LED Downlight,LED Outdoor Light

LED Panel LightLED Tube Light

We note that the significant color elements are  green and gold.  Green color indicates robust life and environmental protection;and gold color indicates energy-saving and bright future. Lumin will continue to provide customers with good interface experience between the portal and persons when you visit our site.  Welcome you to give your commends to us about the new site.

Thanks a lot!

Lumin Internet Support Center