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LED Panel Light

The Superiority of Intelligent Lighting

Aug 11, 2018

In recent years, due to the popularity of intelligent concept, more and more buyers tend to intelligent lighting. Intelligent lighting has 3 advantages over traditional lamps.

1. The main purpose of adopting intelligent lighting control system is to save energy. Intelligent lighting control system uses various "pre-set" control methods and control elements to set and manage illumination accurately and reasonably in different time and different environment to realize energy saving. This way of automatically adjusting illumination makes full use of outdoor natural light, only when necessary to light the lamp or light to the required brightness, using the least energy to ensure the required level of illumination, energy saving effect is very obvious, generally up to 30%.

2. Extending the life of the light source and prolonging the life of the light source can not only save a lot of money, but also reduce the workload of replacing the lamp tube, reduce the operating cost of the lighting system, and simplify the management and maintenance. Whether it is a thermal radiation source or a gas discharge source, the fluctuation of grid voltage is one of the main reasons for the damage of the source. Therefore, effectively suppressing the fluctuation of the grid voltage can prolong the life of the light source.

3. Improving the working environment and improving the working efficiency is a necessary condition to improve the working efficiency. Good design, reasonable selection of light sources, lamps and excellent lighting control system can improve the quality of lighting. Intelligent lighting control system uses dimming module control panel to replace the traditional level switch control lamps, which can effectively control the overall illumination value in each room, thereby improving the uniformity of illumination. At the same time, the electric components used in this control mode also solve the stroboscopic effect, and will not make people feel uncomfortable, dizzy and tired eyes.

4. Realize a variety of lighting effects and a variety of lighting control methods, can make the same building with a variety of artistic effects, to add color to the building a lot. In modern buildings, lighting is not only to satisfy people's visual effects of light and shade, but also should have a variety of control programs, so that the building more vivid, artistic stronger, giving people a rich visual effect and aesthetic feeling.