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UK Lighting Specialist LED Strip Lights Co. Shares View on LED Robot Artificial Skin

Aug 22, 2013

UK lighting manufacturer LED Strip Lights Co. recently shared their views on an article, “Piezo-Phototronic LEDs May Help Robots Feel”, published on 8th August in an international electronic engineering magazine. The article revealed that the project was fronted by piezoelectric expert Zheng Lin Wang, professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology, U.S. If successful, the concept could be used for inkless fingerprint scanners, biological imaging and to enhance the performance of micro-electro mechanical systems (MEMS). During the recent demonstration, Wang and his team grew 2.7 micron diameter zinc-oxide nanowires into arrays that were able to sense touch with a resolution of 6,300 dots per inch and a switching time of 90 milliseconds.
LED Strip LightsLED Strip Lights

Naturally interested by all updates and developments within the industry, a company representative shared his thoughts on the subject:

“It’s exciting to think that LEDs could be involved in such a big breakthrough. All the time LED technology is being used to make advancements into everything from medical discoveries to food preservation and wireless internet. Because they are so energy efficient, this also benefits the environment at the same time.”
LED Strip Lights
LED Strip Lights is a LED company based in the UK. With a rapidly expanding collection of lights, the company provides both domestic and commercial LED lighting solutions, including LED transformers and drivers and strip light controllers.