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LED Panel Light

What We Should Concern for LED Lighting

Jul 5, 2018

In Europe, most buyers will consider the “Humans Factors In Lighting”, which underlines that the lighting could be changed so that people could live in a comfortable lighting environment.

LED source is adjustable and it could be change with the biological cycle. However,  lacking the  exact recognition of the spectral distribution condition and color temperature condition, LED source is quite difficult to be controlled.

In the view of scientists, lighting could have an effect on people`s mood, health and energy, though lighting is not the only key to influence our circadian rhythm.

Let`s take blue lighting as the example.

Blue light is one kind of cold light, nearly like the natural light, which will be beneficial to make us concentrate on what we do. Therefore, it is widely applied in classroom lighting and office lighting.  However, its disadvantage is also evident, as it will inhibit the formation of melatonin, so that it will have a bad effect on our sleep quality and immune system, causing physical diseases, especially all kinds of cancer.

Scientific research shows that blue lighting could control the quantity of insulin. Under this lighting for a long-time at night, it will cause the phenomenon of insulin resistance, which means the insulin quantity will be reduced and the disorders of blood sugar, which causing the disease of obesity, diabetes and hypertension etc.

For the color temperature terms, we consider the absolute temperature “K” as the calculator unit.

By color temperature,  we could distinguish different light source in the spectral distribution terms.  Generally, blue light is above 5300K, which belongs to middle-high color temperature, with shiny bright sense.  By contrarily, red light and yellow light are the kinds of warm light, and their color temperature is below 3300K,  with a warm, healthy and comfortable sense, which is widely applied in the home lighting.

However,  the same color temperature could show different spectral distributions due to the different conditions of climate and other environmental factors.  Therefore, our health is influenced by  the two factors -spectral distribution and color temperature.

Choose Lumin, and enjoy the healthy lighting!