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LED Panel Light

Why LED Lights Are More and More Popular

Jul 11, 2018

Why LED Lights Are More Popular

In modern society,  “energy-saving and environmental-friendly” become the popular words now. For lighting area,  new revolution has to follow this trend.  As the outcome of new lighting revolution, LED light , there are several advantage need to be noted:

Firstly, LED as the smallest lighting unit, it could save much more space for the lamp itself than other lights.  Meanwhile, as it`s very light, it could save the shipping fee for the buyers. 

Secondly, as LED`s efficacy is much more than traditional lamp like incandescent lamp`s and CFL, its lamp consumption of electricity is more 70% than CFL`s,  more 90% than incandescent lamp.

Thirdly, under the standard working environment, the lifetime of a LED could reach up to 10 years, 100 thousands hours, which is longer that CFL`s and incandescent lamp.

Fourthly, there is no infrared light and ultraviolet light released from a LED lamp, therefore, it could be widely applied into the lighting of valuable items, just like the jewelries, cosmetics and cultural relics.